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Lhasa Apso kennel EL Minja's,world famous Lhasa Apso kennel represented in all continents

Foto Galerie Collectie van EL Minja's Lhasa Apso 's

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The Making Off!

El Minja dog kennels and Lhasa Apso breeder making-off picture check our puppy and other pictures

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De twee grote Lhasa Apso kampioenen Broers:

Kampioen EL Minja's Walk on Water - Kampioen EL Minja's Thsang-Pa

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EL Minja's Thu-Tso nestzuster van CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka

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EL Minja's Me Me

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Lhasa Apso Le Sajnim Indian Dream

CH. Le Sajnim Indian Dream, foto Eve uit BelgiŽ

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EL Minja's Amber van Barbara v.d.Poll

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EL Minja's Innimini in Canada

EL Minja's Innimini in Canada, with Jodie Paquet

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EL Minja's May Boy

EL Minja's May Boy, Mrs Eliska Vaskova

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EL Minja's Aishia

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"CH.EL Minja's Wind in the Willow"

owned by Mrs Trudy Lasart, Loveland, USA

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EL Minja's Legend, owned by Veronique Falzon, France

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lhamo.jpg (19877 bytes)

EL Minja's Lhamo

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