Lhasa Apso kennel EL Minja's,world famous Lhasa Apso kennel represented in all continents

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Multi CH.  Multi CH EL Minja's Dream On 

Lhasa Apso Topwinning Champion EL Minja's Dream On the proud mother of 1 litter of Lhasa Apso puppies

 Sylvia with Multi Kamp. EL Minja's Dream On

Dutch,Belgium,Luxembourg,German and International Champion

Lhasa Apso Topwinning Champion EL Minja's Dream On,  the proud mother.....

Most of the dogs we have bred are just living at homes as a pet. 
They have a great time together with their family. Other dogs are shown or their owner is in love  by Lhasa Apso dogshow people. This part of our site is just meant for those Lhasa Apso show dogs who have achieved somewhat more: they earned a national title in show . Just keep on working with your dog and we will put also your dog in the spot light!

But before you have a look at these dogs just take a look at our Lhasa apso's 
who will be a father of your dog or grandfather or even further away in your dogs pedigree!

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