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Residence in Thuin, Belgium.



History, kennelnames, championship;


The Federation Cynologique Internationale or FCI.

How far as we go in the past, there has always been a competition between dog owners, in breeding and in specific characteristics such as; work capacity, hunting, companion or in the army. There will be no doubt that this issue was in specific cases empiric, but successful.

The 19th century is responsible for the foundation of the organized cynology. It almost unknown but Belgium is the first country with an organized Dogshow, long before England, It is 28 of may 1847 in Leuven(Louvain) for the breed Pointer. The hunters where responsible for the organized cynology they did the same in other countries as Holland,France and Germany. It is thanks to the hunters that we have the Kennelclubs and the worldwide FCI.

The second Dogshow is in 1880 this time in Brussels, all breeds, the entry is 1000 dogs, at this show the Belgium dogpeople decided to found the organization " Society Saint-Hubert" which is realized in 1882. This evolution is copied by many other countries. Further steps Belgium will be made into the future, more clubs are founded and by the bills of 1908/1928 the organization which is still today is founded, for the Belgium kennelclub,

In 1886 Dutch dog lovers try to found an International organization for but it failed. It take the time till 1911, then the leading countries France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria established in Paris the international organisation called FCI. In 1912 Spain and Italy joined the club.

The Dutchman Dr Kloppert was the great force of the foundation he enter the famous Mr Toepel as employee and in 1913 Mr Toepel become Secretary-General of the FCI.

During the war 1914-1918 the FCI is falling apart, but re-united in 1921, without Germany and Austria which join again in 1932-1934. In 1938 the FCI have 28 members (countries / 2 Latin Americans)

Since the foundation in 1911 the regalements are unchanged, the administration is in Thuin, Belgium and some at the office of the Society Royal Saint Hubert in Brussels.

The last years there are more and more associated members such as the G.O.S. countries, Lit-countries and some Asiatic countries. You can check at your National kennelclub if they are member or associated.

note: members are countries , represented by officials of the national Kennelclubs.


Kennelnames given by the FCI is in a way like a trademark, that is why there is a central official kennelregister for all the FCI members, this register is in Belgium. It is impossible to change kennel names on pedigrees. It is not allowed to change kennelnames or to add names like in England. In FCI countries you can only use those dognames which are on the pedigree of the dog, even if he is imported from a none FCI country !

FCI champion titles : International Beauty Championship;

To become International Champion of beauty you have to win: 4 CACIB in three different countries , under three different judges and between the first and the last CACIB must be one year and one day. CACIB =international challenge certificate, the minimum age is 15 months old.

International Beauty Championship of Work;

At least 15 months old and at leats two CACIB certificats at   International dogshows in two different countries under two different judges plus the worktrials provided for the breed.