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    Lhasa Apso breeder, EL Minja dog kennel

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The Game page "On-line" Real Invaders Game with sound-effects!

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All kinds of funny stuff, donated by our CLIENTS ,thanks for sharing!

Last update;juni 22, 2014

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Le Sajnim Bootz owned by the Kees and Babs.

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Kyli with Le Sajnim Jewel

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EL Minja's Guapa

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Guapa is owned by Betty Hollander

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EL Minja's Lord Frederick in Switserland.


lesajnimdakini.jpg (15723 bytes)

Le Sajnim Dakini in Moscow

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Le Sajnim Paco met speeltje, Paco woont bij Miriam en Frans

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sneeuw bij ons op 30 januari 2003

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lhasa-apso-tibet1.jpg (15225 bytes)

Lhasa Apso puppy EL Minja's Tibet owned by Carine Gossey

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EL Minjas lhasa apso topper

"Topper" on holiday, owned by Mrs Dina D'Hont

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EL Minja's Boris en irrissiteble

Two Lhasa friends from EL Minja's "Boris and Beertje",

owned by fam Lensvelt Ubbink.

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Lhasa Apso Dogs breeder, EL Minja's kennel


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