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Sylvia van Tatenhove van Roosenbroek knowledge of the Lhasa Apso and dog breeding her experience, the Topquality EL Minja's Lhasa Apsos exported all over the World

22 september 2002, EL Minja's Twister and EL Minja's Precious both shown in Juniorclass obtain both there first placement with excellent in the classes under judge Mrs D Millecam from Belgium, at the Dutch breedclub.

Several of our Lhasa Apso's are Qualified for Crufts Dogshow 2003 in England!!! 

August 31/september 1-2002 USA Cheyenne Kennel Club CH EL Minja's Walk on Water both days Best of Breed and CH EL Minja's Jasmine won winners bitch , judges were Ms Dolores H Maltz and Mr Charles E Trotter

August 31/september 1-2002 Rotterdam and Luxemburg International dogshows

                            lhasa-apso Champion EL Minja's Dream On foto ©Joel Devilliers

Ch. EL Minja's Dream On, winns winners bitch CAC/CACIB and  Best of breed at Rotterdam International this under judge Mr Hans Boelaars from the Netherlands she obtain a group 6 placement under judge mrs Pamela Cross Stern, EL Minja's Aisha wins reserve winners bitch and Res.CAC in Rotterdam, sept 1 in Luxembourg EL Minja's Good as Gold obtain her title Luxembourg Champion under judge Mrs Roos from Sweden !!!


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Ch.J.EL Minja's Hope and Faith at Stuttgart

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new.gif (983 bytes)August 10 & 17-2002 CH.EL Minja's Jasmine won her first points in the USA

under judge R. G. Beauchamp at the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club's,

and winner bitch on Greeley's kennelclubshow under judge W. J. Dolan
excellent presented by Mrs Fran Strayer, thanks Fran.

Jasmine on the Move

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new.gif (983 bytes)August 11-2002 Germany, Duisburg, EL Minja's Gambler obtain CAC and Best male,

his kennelmate EL Minja's Good as Gold obtain CAC best female and Best of Breed.        

Lhasa Apso female EL Minja's Good as Gold

Judge Mrs M.de Wilde-Voet , Sylvia and EL Minja's Good as Gold

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July 21-7-2002 Luxembourg Clubshow Judge Mr Hans van den Berg, EL Minja's Gambler.

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EL Minja's Gambler wins at Luxembourg Clubshow CACL!

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Lhasa Apso win in Uden, Holland

CH EL Minja's Walk on Water wins

CAC and Best of Breed in The Netherlands

under judge Mr J van den Berg june 30, 2002 on the only Outdoor Int.dogshow at Uden, CH EL Minja's Wind in the Willow obtain 2nd and CH EL Minja's Dream On obtain Res.CAC at the bitches, thanks to the Judge Mr van den Berg,

Lhasa's owned by Fran Strayer,Trudy Lasart and S.H.M. van Tatenhove van Roosenbroek

Lhasa Apso willow

Am.CH EL Minja's The Wind in the Willow

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Best in Specialty Show, win

in the United States of America!

31 may/1-2 june 2002 great succes for;

multi B.I.S.S Ch. EL Minja's Walk on Water

under judge Mrs. Charlotte P. Patterson
on Friday at the Lhasa Apso Club of Central Colorado,

BOB under Dr. Harry Smith Jr and a 4 th Group placement

under judge Dr. N. Sidney Remmele on Saturday at the Flatirons Kennel Club

and BOB under judge Mr. John J. Lyons on Sunday - Evergreen Kennel Club.

BISS Ch. EL Minja's Walk on Water is owned and handeld by Mrs Fran Strayer.

Thanks Fran


new.gif (983 bytes) EL Minja's Gambler

Win CAC CACIB and Best Of Breed at 100 years jubilee dogshow , Gent Belgium

Lhasa Apso male EL Minja's Gambler

Judge Mrs R van Mechelen-Reyniers,Sylvia and Gambler








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10-feb-2002 At Castrop-R in Germany "EL Minja's" Lhasa Apso; Thsang-Pa won Winners dog CAC and Best Of Breed, Winners Bitch and CAC won EL Minja's Dream On, and EL Minja's Pritty Girl won the reserve CAC and finished as German Champion, since today the next 3 EL Minja's Lhasa Apso's are finished for German Champion:

CH.EL Minja's Thsang-Pa,

CH.EL Minja's Dream On

CH.EL Minja's Pritty Girl,she is owned by Mr. F. Koziel the Breed judge was : Mr Janciz from Check Rep.

Lhasa Apso Dream on win at Eindhoven dogshow


Best of Breed and Group5 win for; EL Minja's Dream On, at the international dogshow   Eindhoven,Nederland with CAC/CACIB! under judge Mrs Englaender from Austria, group judge was Mr Molin from Sweden.























Our sincere appreciation and thanks goes to all the judges who think so highly of our Lhasa Apso's.



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