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First International (CACIB) edition of the Lovanium Trophy. This reports contains almost 1800 photos. Please click on the tab "Shop" and then on "Help" in order to find out how easy it is to go through all the photos, find yours and make an order if you want.

One of the most characteristics of this show is the quietness that feels really strange. Probably this has to do with the high ceiling. The halls are big although they don’t seem to be, also due to the ceiling. It is only a pity that this affects the indoor overall brightness too.

The square character of the main hall allows to create a big main ring and it is a pleasure to have so much space to bring the best out of the BOB dogs while moving. Another advantage is that the public has also plenty of space to watch it all. Outside the halls there is plenty of parking space and together with the easy access to the most important international highway of Belgium and the central location, this must have certainly added to the success of this show. A minor point is that there were no boy scouts to clean up the droppings. This proved not to be working, unfortunately. It seems that it will take a while before cleaning up any excrement from your dogs will become an automatism. That’s why on Sunday the committee was forced to have some of their members to take care of it before the whole floor would get dirty. I applaud the fact that they tried to change things, but they should have announced it from time to time over the stereo.

The show has moved from summer to autumn and this did not affect the number of entries which was pretty good with a total of 1280 dogs. That the Lovanium club is an active club with numerous fans is proved by the fact that a lot of dogs were entered from the neighbouring towns and villages. As the catalogue had no statistics I had to go through the address list to find out were all entries came from. Most foreign entries were from Holland, and a few from France, Germany and Luxemburg. I could find UK and Danish entries too.

The Lovanium Trophy is also known for its prices in kind. This year every group winner was given a Microwave, every second a steam iron set, while third prizes were given a pan set and fourth places a Dog encyclopaedia.

16 Judges were invited of whom only 2 were Belgians. From France we had 4, the same as from Luxemburg. Two were from Holland, two from Ireland and there was one from Germany and one from the UK. On Saturday it was Mrs.Schwab, president of the Luxemburg Kennel Club and organiser of the famous Luxemburg shows, who had the highest score, with no less then 73 entries in the Terriër group. Mr.Vandeweijer from Holland and the second highest score with 69 dogs from group 1, the Shepherd dogs, and some Terrier breeds. If we take the 57 Terriers, entered for Mrs. Wilmes from Luxemburg, also into account, then it is obvious that the Terriërs outnumbered most other groups. On Saturday Mr.Mc.Dowell judged 55 poodles while Mrs.Mc. Dowell had 61 dogs from group 9 (companion group), including the BIS dog. Another remarkable score was for Mrs.Loynd Sue from the UK. She judges the English and Irish setters and had no less then 56 of them, which represents almost 5% of all entries.

On Sunday Mr.Mc Dowell had a very nice entry of no less then 61 Great Danes and 20 Dachshunds and had by this the best score of the show. Mr. And Mrs Mc Dowell from Ireland were certainly the best investment for the club. Dr.Beyersdorf from Germany had the second best score with 80 dogs. The second BIS was his choice ofr BOB. He seems to be known for hunting dogs (group 6, 7 and 8). Mrs.Tromp-Pruyn from Holland had 69 sighthounds and an entry of 17 Salukis is certainly worth mentioning.

Mr.Senecat from France had the honour to chose the Best of Saturday. It was the lovely Lhasa Apso “Kokomo Kalif” owned by Van Tatenhove-v.Roosenbroek Sophia from Holland.

On Sunday it was up to Mr.Beyersdorf to chose the Best of day. It was the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen “Jour Apres Jour Filou Filo de Nougat“, owned by Claes-Smets from Belgium. Both dogs are multi-champions and multi-groupwinners, and are frequently spotted in the mainrings. Mr.Van De Weijer from Holland was asked to make a final choice between both dogs. I suppose it has nothing to do with any chauvinism, as both dogs were gorgeous, but one has to make a decision and the Lovanium Trophy went to the Lhasa Apso.

To whom the next Trophy will go? We will only know this if we come to the next edition, which will be again in august, during the weekend of the 5th and 6th.

Text:  Karl DONVIL

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Luxembourg Spring Show 2006

By Vince Hogan,

It is hard to believe, but again the Spring edition of the Luxembourg show had an important increase of entries. Last year numbered 4,329 and this year no less than 4,778 dogs were on show.

They came from 28 different countries, which makes it one of the most international shows on the European continent. Can you imagine this while Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe?

Best represented were the French with 1336 dogs, followed by Germany with 1113 entries, Belgium with 867 and the Netherlands with 621. Russia had no less then 54 dogs in the show!

Even 5 dogs came from as far as Israel and one from Australia. Amazing numbers!

This resulted of course in well filled rings and some judges had over 100 dogs in one day, like Alfons Thovar from Spain who had 119 on Saturday followed very close by Olga Dolysova from the Czech Republic who had 116 entries, all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels! But Recordholders are Peter Harsanyi from Hungary who had no less then 128 dogs to judge on Sunday, all less popular group 5 breeds, and Maritha östlund-Holmsten from Sweden who had 100 dogs on Saturday and 102 on Sunday. It is obvious that a good choice of judges is most important and significant for the success of a show and the Luxembourg committee seems to have mastered this skill.

The success of a show reflects also the popularity of certain breeds and here again we find some very fabulous numbers. 116 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 57 Flat Coated Retrievers, 87 Labradors, 104 Goldens, 113 Cocker Spaniels, 78 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, 66 Aussies, 89 Dobermanns, 82 Miniature Schnauzers, 123 Newfoundlands, 100 Great Danes, 69 Rottweilers, 86 Boxers, 98 American Staffordshires, 76 Whippets and even 32 Irish Wolfhounds. Very significant is the amount of Dachshunds with 177 specimens of all varieties! This is a number that you hardly see in a show unless it’s a European or World Show and at least not in the neighbourhoods of Luxembourg. Also remarkable is the high entry of 23 Vlcaks who become pretty popular and is a very difficult breed to keep. The show had also one specimen of the recently accepted breed the Hravatski Ovcar.

I wonder where all this will ever end? It seems like Luxembourg is the place to be and most interesting to enter a dog. The title of Luxembourg champion was once on discussion as being to easy to get, but if you see all this then I have the impression that the number of entries raises the challenge and the risk of losing your class gets higher every time. Besides that it is a very colourful competition as a lot of good dogs come from all over Europe in sometimes big numbers.
The show is also very streamlined, everyone knows what to do and where to be. In the morning it is always busy at the secretary’s office. Normal I would say if you see where all those people come from. It automatically means that there are a lot of entry fees that are not paid and should be checked and proved. The more entries and countries the more difficult this will get in the future, but there were no serious complaints or difficulties.

BIS was judged by Mr.Owe Germundsson from Sweden. For the 3th place he chose the very nice Fox Terrier Wire “Zessie von der Bismarckquelle”, owned by Weiss Manuela from Germany and bred by Axel Möhrke. The name “von der Bismarckquelle” is synonymous to quality in the breed. “El Minja's Thamina” a Lhasa Apso from the famous El Minja kennel was his choice for 2nd BIS. The dog is bred and owned by Mrs and Mr. Van Tatenhove – Van Roosenbroeck from Holland. This kennel has already produced numerous winners and Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Thamina is continuing this tradition.

Best In Show went to a dog from another very famous and reputed kennel from Italy. Who doesn’t know the famous Alaskan Malamute and Shiba Inu Kennel ‘del Biagio’? “Giving-a-New-Royal-Star-de Jungla Negra” is a son of Champion Royal Star del Biagio and is also a Champion. Mr. Biagiotti was extremely happy and proud to win this prestigious show and credits go also to his most beautiful and elegant handler Monica. He certainly has an eye for quality!

Don’t ever say again that becoming a Luxembourg Champion is easy to get. The quality is high, the numbers of entries are big, the judges are very international and less familiar in our Areas and all this makes hard competitions and prestigious wins. Who wins at this Show can say that he has real quality. If you are really ambitious, come and challenge yourself at the September edition, the 2nd and 3rd.

Luxembourg BIS was judged by Mr.Ove Germundsson from Sweden. He selected the Alaskan Malamute ‘Giving-a-New-Royal-Star-de Jungla Negra’ owned by Guiseppe Biagiotti from Italy as overall winner, pictured here on the right. Also pictured are Nic and Gitty Schwab and handler Monica from the Biaggio Kennels.

An international gathering on the Our Dogs stand, pictured left to right are Ian Wiltshire and Sabrina Smit, Our Dogs representatives from the Netherlands, Mia Ejerstad from Sweden who handled the Group 10 winner, Vince Hogan from Our Dogs and Libby Brychtova with friend both from the Czech Republic and flying the Czech flag…perhaps the wrong way round!

The complete judging panel pictured after Best in Show on Sunday night. President Gitty Schwab and Secretary Nic Schwab are seen here congratulating the winning Italian Alaskan Malamute.

Our Dogs friends from Europe including Darren from Transgroom with Katarina Round and canine friend, her husband Bruno (hiding at the back) along with Vince Hogan.

Gitty and Nic Schwab, President and Secretary respectively.

Kennel Club representative Sue Sampson is pictured alongside Our Dogs official photographer Karl Donvil.

Pictured enjoying themselves at the official dinner are brothers Sigurd Wilberg (left) and Leif Wilbberg (right) along with show judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel.

Roz Dunn the Westie judge from the UK,left) and Sigurd Wilburg (right), along with Vince Hogan from Our Dogs (centre).

BIS judge Ove Germundsson and Vince Hogan making a presentation of a signed book on behalf the guests and judges to Nic and Gitty Schwab at the official dinner on Saturday night.

Russian judge Mrs.Irina Petrakova chose the Group 4 winners with the Standard long-haired Dachshund ‘James Bond v.d.Northgosertjes’ Nagel-Endenburg from the Netherlands coming out on top.

Hungarian Short-haired Pointier ‘Hertelendy Aliz "Szikra"’ owned by Tibor Hámori from Hungary came top of Group 7. This group was judged by the well known Mr.Tamas Jakkel from Hungary.

Group 6 Finnish judge, Mr.Harri Lehkonen, decided on Basset Hound ‘Dom Pedro Iv el Rey’ owned by Italian Fulvio Marelli as first place winner.

Group 3 was judged by Mrs.Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen from Finland. Top of the group was the Wire Fox Terrier ‘Zessie von der Bismarckquelle’ owned by German Manuela Weiss.

German judge of Group 1, Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, gave first place to The OES ‘Creditcard aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal’ owned by Cornelia Loest from Belgium.

Azawakh ‘Shani Kel Dahoussahaq’ owned by Francesca Zampini from Italy and handled by Mia Ejerstadt took first place in Group 10, judged by Mrs.Christine Delabelle from Belgium.

Italian judge of Group 9, Mr. G.Batta Tabo gave first place to the Lhasa Apso ‘El Minja's Thamina’ owned by S.H.M. Van Tatenhove V.Roosenbroek from the Netherlands.

Mr.Leif-Herman Wilberg from Norway was judge of Group 8. In first place he picked Portuguese Water Dog, ‘American Dancer's Magic Thunder’ owned by E.M Rijnbeek-Hagendijk from the Netherlands.

Group 2 winner was the Giant Schnauzer ‘Puskin de Pomerland’ Manzano owned by Angel Miguel from Spain.


The Dutch Breed club "Pekingees en Dwergspanielclub" hold there clubshow mostly in october,

in 2004 a son of CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka won best in show and

in 2005 also a son of CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka won best in show.

in 2006 also a granddaughter of CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka won best in show.







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