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Dog of the Year 2006 contest

BIS CH Kokomo Kalif W'05

res. Dog of the Year 2005


Februari 26, at the fantastic "The Flint Halls" the Royal Dutch Kennelclub Cynophilia organised the Topdog of the Year 2005 exhibition, it's only possible to enter this show on invitation, this as a result of the awards your dog obtained last year. For us the judged was Mr Peter Prins. A great honor as we were invited with 3 Lhasa Apsos, Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa, Kokomo Kalif [kalif] and EL Minja's Thamina.

Thsang-Pa was shown by Frank and Thamina by Marianne, our Kalif shown by Sylvia had the honor to win the reserve Topdog of the year 2005 and is runner up behind the worldfamous great BIS champion Papillon Anthony of my friend Carina. Thank you judge Mr Peter Prins.

Judge Dr Peter Prins, President Dr J.Baretta, Sylvia and Kalif




fotos: Ria Horter


EL Minja's Thamina W'05 at the Dog of the Year show


Bis.CH. EL Minja's Thsang-Pa at the Dog of the Year show


Sylvia, Frank, Marianne and our Lhasa Apsos

many thanks to Mrs Ria Horter for the foto's.


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