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Updates  EL Minja's exquisite Lhasa Apso website last update  09 augustus 2013   I  website lhasa apso in Nederland



Best in show wins, FCI centenary show wins and new champions check here
Puppies availeble
General technical upgrade to version 5.5 and servers upgrade

champion pages renewed  

Great news about our Lhasa Apsos @ the dogshows worldwide
more the 3,5 million unique visitors were at our website, el-minjas.com is the most visited Lhasa Apso website worldwide for 7 years
EL Minja´s nashua wins best in show at leiden 2010
Champion pages update with new champions and layout
Xivas Danish Champioen
Candy German Champion
Candy dutch champion at Bleiwijk
Candy BIS 6 at Utrecht
Lots of news Dogshows in Nehterlands abroad and  Germany
Lots of news from last weekend august, 25, 2008 Dogshows in Belgium and Germany
news archive page
EL Minja's Solar Lyi, and EL Minja's Saturnus won at the same day
EL Minja's Xivas win at Danish Lhasa Apso Club
International dogshow news updates
cute Lhasa Apso pictures
Champion EL Minja's Jewel of Tibet wins best male CAC/CACIB and my Champion Lily wins best female with CAC/CACIB Best of Breed at Uden, Netherlands our home country  and fulfilled her Dutch Champion title
about Lhasa Apso breed type
Best in Show and 2 EUROPASIEGER WINS
Norway last weekend Saturday & Sunday Tove Anita's showed EL Minja's Solar Kyi and EL Minja's Luna
Candy did it again, best of breed and res.best in group
Champion Wicket story
wonderful puppies born, very exiting litter
Candy wins at Brabo dogshow with best female , best of breed and best in group 3
Fotoshoot with famous photographer Ingmar Timmer for Mercedes Magazine
Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Gold Digger having a playful time at the Malaga beach in Spain


breed type

Cute Lhasa Apso puppy pictures

real invaders    puzzle

castratie - sterilisatie   fokken met een Lhasa Apso  vaccinaties  vachtverzorging

Lhasa Apso in wintertime 2006/2007 snow frost and sun!
Lhasa Apso dogshow news updates
Kalif winner dog and Brick reserve winner dog, and obtain the CAC for Belgium champion
winners dogshows newspage, invaders winners, puppy pages
there were severla important updates, also I forgot to mention on this page, but if you explorer el minjas.com you will find out that there were very nice issues added to this website about the lhasa apso
new Lhasa Apso champions & American Dogshow

American Dogshow new Lhasa Apso champion

CH EL Minja's Sweet Sensation wins her 8th Champion title at 2,5 years of age !!!!
Brussels Dogshow best in show 4
BIS CH. Int. Ned.CH. Kokomo Kalif W'05 Belg. ES'06
"Kalif" won Best of breed and res. best in group at Hulten outdoors international in Holland

Lhasa Apso CH EL Minja's Nag Po Chen Po wins in Hong Kong International

BIS CH. Int. Ned.CH. Kokomo Kalif W'05 Belg. ES'06
"Kalif" won Best in Show in Germany

Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Thamina best of breed at Arnhem pinksterdogshow
Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Limited Edition complete her title for Cyprus champion
Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Thamina complete her title for Belgium champion
europasieger 2006 title for Kalif
New international champion, our Lhasa Apso male Kalif age 28 months has his 3rd title he became Int.Champion in France last weekend.

we didn't update this page lately ,because our website is moved to another hostingserver

news from:  Hong Kong, Spain and Holland and a tribute too

Lhasa Apso Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa

Nordic Winner

2006 Started with a Bang! Hoogstraten international

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wonderfull and well organised Zwolle International ChampionshipShow with an entry more then 2400 dogs.

Bleiswijk international dogshow

Best in Show for our Lhasa apso Kokomo Kalif , winner CAC CACIB for   Thamina and best junior for our Na-ri at the 16th Lovanium CAC CACIB dogshow

Great news from the USA news page

EL Minja's Thamnina win Best of Breed & group 3 at the Great Maastricht international

Kalif win Best of Breed at Oostende international

Heupaandoeningen grote rassen heupluxaties en heupdysplasie. Universiteit GentUNIVERSITEIT GENT FACULTEIT DIER

CH EL Minja's May Boy best in show

Marianne Stiphout Show dogs Handling website new online

puppies dogshow Mechelen results , pictures and general update

Heupaandoeningen die kunnen voorkomen bij kleine rassen zijn Legg-Perthes-Calvé, fracturen ter hoogte van de femurkop of -nek, heupluxaties en heupdysplasie. Over heupdysplasie bij kleine hondenrassen is er weinig beschreven.UNIVERSITEIT GENT FACULTEIT DIERUniversiteit GentUNIVERSITEIT GENT FACULTEIT DIER

EL Minja's Aimee succes in Lapland and CH.EL Minja's Sweet Sensation in Hungary

Kalif and Thamina winning at La Louviere

dogshows wins

Technical updates and new foto's @ foto pages

EL Minja's Limited Edition [Tanja] with Mrs Nadya Razorenova from Cyprus and Sylvia leaving our house for living as the first Lhasa Apso ever in Cyprus, Tanja is a daughter of CH EL Minja's Thsang-Pa X CH EL Minja's Dream On, we wish Nadya and Kristina all the best with her beautifull girl Tanja.

new puppy  foto's & statistics & championpages foto's Eurodogshow and TDE

Dogshow in Belgium and slovenia

news from the USA, Sarajevo and holland

New champion!  best veteran !

celebrating topdog 2004 competition at De Schimmel Hotel


lhasa apso weblog update

several lhasa apso el-miinjas.com pages are updated

Leiden dogshow

Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Thamina wins at Brabo Winner show, her kennelmate Lhasa Apso Kokomo Kalif wins as well and Lhasa Apso Nirvana dar Tibetu runnerup.

check the news page

EL Minja's Lhasa Apso kennel Top dogs pages updated

international dogshow in Goes the Netherlands, the Titanics: father and daughter Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa and Thsang-Pa his daughter our homebred Lhasa Apso female EL Minja's Thamina obtained the championships!!!!!!!!!!!

Hong Kong and Austria update!

te koop 2 prachtige Lhasa Apso puppies

Results Luxemburg and Leeuwarden last weekend

 Recently Lhasa Apso breeder nr:100  Worldwide starting to work with EL Minja's Lhasa Apso this time in Finland!! 

New champion Le Sajnim Indian Dream, Kalif with BOB and Nirvana wins at Wieze dogshow

Dogshow in Netherlands and Austria

At the Int.Dogshow in München,Germany, JCH.EL Minja's Adasha obtain her first Int. CACIB at the young age of 18 Months
Adasha won 1ex.CACIB,CAC,VDH,best female and the title of "Landessieger Bayern".

Again Best In Show for Thsang-Pa !!!

puppy pagina homepage e.a.

New Champion & Eindhoven & championpages and new tech update
 Champion pages updated
  EL Minja's Lhasa Apso video  Happy New Year!!!!

December 2004 toprecord 48.665 month  visitors / record aantal bezoekers!!! 

Dog of the  Year 2004
Christmas Int. dogshow winner takes it all
Team Lhasa Apso EL Minja's
Brussels dogshow Nirvana and Gerda
Best in Show at the Hong Kong Kowloon Kennel Association
new visitors record
invaders game new score
Winnershow Amsterdam 2004
Zagreb in Croatie Int dog Show
Kolscheid in Germany Tibetan Breed Specialty Show
Lhasa Apso Team EL Minja's Lhasa Apso de Professionals
Latest News  New Champion update
upgrade to version 5.0 will take a couple of weeks all pages will be online

technical streaming upgrade

res best in show utrecht international dogshow

oktober 2004 toprecord visitors / bezoekers 44.244 !

Oklahoma Dogshow back to back Best of bree for Arianna

ALAC results over 200 Lhasa Apso's were entered! !

Lhasa Apso news from the USA
Le Sajnim Indian Dream  won BEST IN SHOW

EL Minja's Sweet Sensation obtain her Junior Winner title,

coming up international events soon

BIS,BISS,Multi Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa Best of Breed and Res BIG
 September 2004 toprecord number of visitors / record aantal bezoekers 40.117
BIS,BISS,Multi Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa Best of Breed and Res BIG

    3 Best of Breeds in one weekend!!!

Slovak Lhasa Apso club Specialty show
 Genetische achtergrond van Dwerggroei bij honden en de Duitse Herder
  Gecombineerde diagnostiek van erfelijke skeletaandoeningen
  Welke kenmerken of aandoeningen mag hij of zij als erfelijk beschouwen, voordracht Syntra
technische aanpassingen
Latest News  New Champion update
Lhasa Apso foto's / pictures update
august 2004 toprecord number of visitors / record aantal bezoekers
puppies and Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Sweet Sensation wins in Slovenia
Hong Kong dogshows EL Minja's Lhasa Apso wins
Lhasa Apso Le Sajnim Indian Dream wins in Eastern Europa
dogshow  update and new Lhasa Apso  foto's
dogshow news update
media  and upgrade to version 4.95 and some renewals
Le Sajnim AL-Marah new champion foto
Lhasa apso news from golden dog trophy  invaders game
news from our Lhasa Apso's and new champion and Technical upgrade to version 4.90 
25/26/27 june 2004 news from EL Minja's Machu Pichu from Switserland son of BIS,BISS,Multi Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa and brother of EL Minja's Sweet sensation BELOW with his sister news, also coming up news from EL Minja's AL-Marah later! BIS,BISS,Multi Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa won 27 june Best of Breed at the Int. dongshow Genk under judge Mr Norman Deschuymere.
EL Minja's Lhasa apso's succesfull in Hong Kong China, first Lhasa's in the history of the breed winning group in China
Best in Show6 for Lhasa apso Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa 
Best in Show for Lhasa apso Champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa and his daughter Lhasa Apso EL Minja's sweet Sensation
Download page new wallpapers
All kinds of updates as download pages, puppy pages- new tech version dogshow news etc.  Statistics: new Lhasa Apso breeders using our EL Minja's Lhasa Apso dogs and new visitors record march 2004
 EL Minja's Adasha res.Best puppy in Show!
News Leiden dogshow and Puppies  pages updated
 foto Le Sajnim Indian Dream, Latest news and Lhasa foto's pages
 puppies and Latest news update
 Lhasa Apso puppy te koop / for sale
 Goody best of breed at great Zuidlaren
 "About us" update
 Le Sajnim AL-Marah has his first blue ribbon out of the puppy class
 Lhasa Apso Top dogs pages update
 Flanders dogshow Gent best of breed    

 Puppy page

 USA headline news!!!!!!! soon 4 & 5 point majors!!! bred by champions  Lhasa Apso winners

 Lovely Lhasa's door Aly van den Berg

 new breeder member of EL Minja's Lhasa Apso breeders  

 Africa tour !  new foto's added

 Latest News  New Champion update
News new champion Puppies   statistics   champions pages
 Afrika tour
 new visitors record januari 2004 had 32.923 visitors!!
Le Sajnim Indian Dream won Best Lhasa Apso male CAC/CACIB and won Best of Breed
Puppies new pictures
Puppies - webcam - funny times  - South Africa
 Technical upgrade to version 4.51 
december 2003 visitors on our website 24788 this month only, and now their are 89 breeders  using our Lhasa's breeding stock in their kennel, facts updated 31 december 2003 
Thank you all
kerstshow te Wijchen winnaar kamp.EL Minja's Dream On
Lhasa Apso Showdog for sale
Brussels dogshow 2 champion titles!!!!!  Champion page
Dogshow CH EL Minja's Good as Gold WINSTER AMSTERDAM
puppy pagina update   webcam  updates
sitemap update
puppy pagina update   webcam
8 puppies geboren 
kerst wensen christmas wishes
 General technical upgrade to version 4.5 and servers cp upgrade
puppy pagina  and about us
Isabel Clark Paintings Lhasa Apso paintings
record number of visitors at el-minjas.com  in oktober 22983 !!!
Thsang-Pa the winner takes it all...........
 puppies / copyright and search updates
webwinkel online goedkope aanbiedingen op internet
My  Thsang-Pa did it again!       site statistics   technical update
genetica      startpagina  Nederlands    update
 Thsang-Pa again best of breed!
puppy pagina en media-pagina
technical scripts update
new champion+International champion   Onze kampioenen parade  - 2 -   4
fokkerij artikel
Fun - Lhasa Apso pictures  statictics updates
My  Thsang-Pa did it again!
@card -Postcard service
Mechelen Int. Dogshow
General updates- puppy/champion/nederlands/ and others
Technical improvements, coming up fertility and breeding
Updates on Topdogs-Fun-Lhasa Apso and puppy pages

happy birthday for Guapa

statistics: In july 2003 new record "20557" visitors on our website!
puppies born out of Jasmine and Gambler
major technical improvements, sorry for waiting for data sometimes.


Le Sajnim Dakini and Le Sajnim Arianne pictures

game invaders

BOB and res best in group at the th egreat Limburgia dogshow
statistics: The number of breeders which represent EL Minja's and Le Sajnim Lhasa Apso's in there breeding program or had is  increased to 84 , and EL Minja's and Le Sajnim Lhasa Apso's are living in ALL continents all around this world!
puppy page
puppy webcam new cams installed and webcamshots
Pinkster show te Arnhem winnaar kamp.EL Minja's Dream On
Puppies new litter I Toppermales statistics I  Gameinvaders
New Champion + Best of Breed + Group 4th

for CH EL Minja's Dream On and CH EL Minja's Thsang-Pa

Topdogpages renewed
Fun page and other pritty stuff
Puppies are born
Best in Show in Germany
mainpage, nederlands pagina, about us pagina technical upgrades
2 BOB Amiens and Goes
res best in show Brabo antwerpen
Leeuwarden dogshow and champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa
Lhasa Apso Pictures; CH EL Minja's Thang-Ka sister Thu-Tso added, Puppy page updated
Galary of Champions updates new pic and info added
scripts updates page and NL pages

X-Files page is in beta version. update  Invaders game

Lhasa Apso picture diashow pages updates
CH EL Minja's May Boy obtain champion title in Poland
Hong Kong succes for EL Minja's twister
Dogshow CH EL Minja's Good as Gold win in Belgium
Puppy page update - female for sale
New Champion and Best of Breed EL Minja's Good as Gold
Purina Pro Plan logo aangepast
We won at Hoogstraten dogshow the double!!!!
online game
sneeuwpret - snow fun
Mouscron and Castrop winners!!
technical updates   Pedigree datafiles
Wijchen Dogshow CH EL Minja's Good as Gold
Brussels dogshow and champion EL Minja's Thsang-Pa
Extra info from USA additional information added!!
puppy page new pictures
Lhasa Apso gezondheidstips!
New American Champion EL Minja's Jasmine
Hong-Kong Champion EL Minja's nag-Po-Chen-Po
CH.EL Minja's Good as Gold best of breed in Germany
CH EL Minja's Jasmine wins 3 shows 3 point major back to back in the  Dakota , Usa!!!!!
Lhasa Apso gezondheidstips!
Lhasa Apso Stamps - Postzegels !!
New champion CH EL Minja's Gambler German champion!

CH EL Minja's Good as Gold Best in Show 3 !!!!

Lhasa Apso en toppers pagina vernieuwt
New American Champion EL Minja's Atisha!!!!!
Newspage and puppy page updated
puppy page new information about our puppies
Fun page updated
show results USA Crufts Qualified and puppy pages updated
Ch. EL Minja's Dream On winns winners bitch CAC/CACIB and  Best of breed at Rotterdam International, EL Minja's Aisha wins reserve winners bitch and Res.CAC, in Luxembourg EL Minja's Good as Gold obtain her title Luxembourg Champion
CH.J.EL Minja's Hope and Faith winns at Stuttgart and CH.J.EL Minja's May Boy at Bratislava
real invaders update for points
litter puppies CH EL Minja's Osiris
Lhasa Apso art designs
CH EL Minja's Jasmine wins in the USA
EL Minja's Gambler and Good as Gold win in Germany
Lhasa Apso pages update !
litter puppies CH EL Minja's Osiris
online invader game " Yolande 1530 points"!
recordholder puzzle, Leroy and Barry Glimmerveen,NL
Worldchampion page update
Lhasa Apso art designs
Ch EL Minja's Walk on Water wins BOB in Holland
Champions best family +champion update
News Colom at our News page lots of news!
Cherry Eye of kerseoog bij de hond door Dr G Janssens
CH EL Minja's Walk on Water took another Best of Breed on Saturday 25 may under judge Mrs Lorraine Boutwell
EL Minja's Gambler wins CAC/IB and Best of Breed 100 years jubilee dogshow!
CH EL Minja's Thsang-Pa hipdysplasia free HD-A1
New American Champion EL Minja's Daka Manjusri
News page, champion EL Minja's Nag-Po-Chen-Po
General restyling , almost finished
news update Europa sieger and Unna-Koningsborn
New Champion and Best In Show
restyle News and Championpages
American champions pictures and news
Lhasa Apso Diashow
Dogshow Roosendaal Winningteam and Party time!
EL Minja's Good as Gold; Pictures page Toppers and ras-breed info
Hondengedrag, de genetische component
Lhasa Apso 2 and Fun page   picture added: EL Minja's Hope and Faith
New American Champion EL Minja's Amethist
BOB win at Hoogstraten EL Minja's Gambler
Lhasa Apso's EL Minja's Dream On and Thsang-Pa

wins German titles and res.Best In Show !

Lhasa Apso EL Minja's Dream On Wins BOB+group win
New champion  and advertisers pages

New Champion

Old Times new material    -    Toppers

Fun - Toppers - Geschiedenis - Diashow  - Grooming
News - the Kennel - Nederlands  - Guestbook
many updates we start with the schedule on dec.2001



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