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Special Warning: on this section of my website are copyrights articles pictures an research reports, published by academics, veterinarians, proffessors and b published thesis by Veterinarians students.

Reports articles published by universities and pharmacy companies.

Please consider if copyright laws are violated that legal actions in matter of prosecution is a possiblity by former mentioned persons and companies.

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Our liability for the grooming-page used on this website will always be limited, we do not accept any liabillity for damage on your dog-animal the text is for advise and to make the grooming work easier.

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All our dogs and puppy’s will be shipping with Professional Animal Transport Company estableshed in Amsterdam we are not responsible for delay at transport or for the animal transport company.

We do the best we can to give the dogs the best cyour computerare they needed during transport as we request of the transport company.

From the moment we deliver the dogs and puppy’s for handling to the transport company our responsibility finish.

We do not accept any liability for health damage or death during the transportation of the dogs purchased at our kennel.

Deposit payments for puppy and / or adults are not refundable.


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