One of my Greatest Lhasa Apso Show Champions EL Minja’s Adarsha

Best In Show Champion

CH. EL Minja’s Adarsha

the Lhasa Apso mover to perfection

International, Dutch, Belgium, German, France and Luxemburg Champion

Mother of my great producer EL Minja’s Gambler

Mother of the great American CH. EL Minja’s Chumbi

Mother of the great Hong Kong and Chinese CH. EL Minja’s Nag-Po-Chen-Po

Grandmother of many Champions!

Champion breeder Tip

From A Proffessional Lhasa Apso dog breeder on How to Treat Your Dog Like a Champion

Professional breeder and handler Sylvia provides tips for caring for your dog to ensure that he or she is happy and healthy. Sylvia’s super champion dogs, Ch. EL Minja’s Thsang-Pa and Ch. EL Minja’s Good as Gold as well Ch. EL Minja’s Dream On are top winning Lhasa Apso in the breed with numerious titles. Sylvia says that, “first and foremost, a dog’s inner being is most important.”

Begin by choosing the right dog for your lifestle. I recommend that you talk with breeders, vets, trainers and other reputable sources to find the best breed for you.

Be sure to keep your Lhasa Apso dog in good weight: not overweight or too thin. Your vet can help you determine whether or not your pet is in good condition. Routine exercise is extremely important for a dog’s mind and body. Walking is a good way to exercise your dog and have fun at the same time.

Do not exercise puppies the same way as adults. Do not over-exercise aging dogs, but do keep them active. Routine check-ups with your veterinarian are very important.

Keep Lhasa Apso eyes and ears clean and nails trimmed. Seek veterinary care immediatly if you sense your dog has a health problem. Groom your dog regularly: at least once a week for a coated dog. Bathe routinely depending on the condition of the dog.

Good nutrition for your dog is extremely important, without good nutrition you will not have a healthy, happy dog with a good coat, proper weight and in good condition. I use a complete and balanced dog food Royal Canin Mini Adult brand dog food. Use a quality food that fits the needs or your pet throughout puppyhood, adulthood and his senior years. Most importantly, have fun and spend quality time with your Lhasa Apso dog and he will become an important member of your family. If you teach him and love and care for him correctly, he will be your unconditional friend and companion forever.

Sylvia van Tatenhove van Roosenbroek knowledge of the Lhasa Apso and dog breeding her experience, the Topquality EL Minja’s Lhasa Apso exported all over the World.