Papa: Fire Fun dar Tibetu

Mama: EL Minja’s Amelia

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All our dogs are tested for all eye-diseases by ECVO Veterinarian.

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Lhasa Apso puppy for sale:

All our pups are out if the responsible breeding from our TOP Quality proven dogs

El Minja;s breeder Sylvia is the most awarded Lhasa Apso breeder, by the Dutch & Belgian Kennel & Breed Club

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The following Lhasa Apso’s litters father wil be:

CH. Moonshine Dar Tibetu

and the mothers:

CH. EL Minja’s Chiamaka

CH. EL Minja’s Lhawang Dorje

Very healthy and lovely Lhasa Apso puppy’s will be for sale.

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This is El Minja’s Suddhodana with his new mum Mrs. Nancy d.S.

Linda and her daughters with puppy El Minja’s Sakya Muni aka “roosje”

Lhasa Apso puppy El Minja’s Toermalijn 4 weeks old

Lhasa Apso puppy El Minja’s Orchidee with her proud owner Nevenka.

Lhasa Apso puppies

Lhasa Apso puppy pictures

Lhasa Apso puppy Tersey

Happiness is a Lhasa Apso puppies love.

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El Minja’s Panda owned by Sandra K.

El Minja’s Paris Hilton owned by Cheyenne

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Lhasa Apso puppies for Sale

The Lhasa Apso puppies terperament is unique: joyful, mischievous and clown-like, as well as regal, dignified and aloof. Because of their facial features, owners often remark on their “human-like” qualities and sebsitivity to human feelings, claiming their dogs “can almost talk.”

Probably no two Lhasa Apso pups personalities are exactly alike. A very independent breed, the Lhasa’s goal in life is not necessarily to please its master. This is very different from most breeds of dogs.

While Lhasas can be trained succesfully in obedience using the right methods for this breed, they are not, by nature, an obedient breed. :hasas are very intelligent with the ability to reason, and can even be somewhat manipulative.

Therefore, consistency is a crucial element in their training, much as it is with raising childeren. If a Lhasa Apso puppy owner does not establish him or her self as the “leader of the pack,” then it is almost guaranteed that the Lhasa wil assume that role! Lhasa Apso puppies are very busy, full of energy and curiosity, becoming calmer and dignified, yet still playful, as adults. A slow maturing breed, Lhasas do not reach their prime until well into their third or fourth year.

New owners need to keep this in mind when house training Lhasa Apso puppies. Because Lhasas live longer than many other dogs, particularly the larger breeds, they develop more slowly.

Lhasas age gracefully, however, keeping a youthful appearance and attitide well into their teens. The average lifespan of the breed is 12 to 15 yaers old, although many have lived to be 17 or 18, and some even beyond 20.

Bred as indoor watchdogs for hundreds of years, Lhasa Apsos are often suspicous of strangers. Lhasas are guardians of their domain, but usually less protective away from home.

Early socialization is critical to a Lhasa’s success as a family member, in order to overcome the breed’s natural tendency toward wariness of strangers. The time investe in training these Lhasa Apso puppies, however, will be well worth effort in terms of the loyalty, joy and long term companionship that your lhasa apso puppy dog from Tibet will provide throughout its lifetime.

When should I bring my Lhasa Apso puppy home?

Lhasa Apso puppies are much slower maturing than many other breeds. On average, puppies learn important social skills, such as bite restraint, from playing with their mother and littermates betweeen six and eight weeks old. However, some Lhasas still don’t have teeth at eight weeks and they can’t learn bite restraint until they get their teeth.

Puppy kindergarten and/or basic obedience training, always using positive training techniques, is recommended for all youngsters. Lhasa Apsos require firmness, fairness, and consistency in training. Positive rewards work far better than harsh discipline. In fact, the breed should never be disciplined harsly, as a Lhasa Apso puppy may requires patient understanding combined with gentle correction. Most Lhasas will do just about anything for food reats. But, because they are smart they are easily bored with rote obedience work. Training sessions should be ket short an exercises varied to maintain the Lhasa’s attention. Above all, have fun and keer your sense of humor.

Our Lhasa Apso puppiesare bred according by the regulations of the Dutch kennelclub (FCI) and the Dutch breed club. Our dogs are all eyetested for inheritance diseases. Our high standards for Topquality have proven that our dogs belong to the WorldTop. You can check out the references at Media and Nieuws Pages.

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